Female-only martial arts classes becoming more popular

Cheryl Lynch-Gardner with Sue Soury at the Shaolin Martial Arts Centre in Werrington. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Following a spate of domestic violence tragedies, women are being encouraged to take up martial arts more than ever.

Located at the Shaolin Martial Arts Centre in Werrington, Budo Ryu Karate Academy is currently holding ladies-only martial arts classes once a week.

Senior Chief Instructor Cheryl Lynch-Gardner, who runs the classes solo, said she’s very passionate about empowering girls and women in the area.

“It’s a wild world out there and women need to learn to be confident and not be afraid to go places and do things,” she told the Weekender.

“If you are travelling on public transport, it’s a nightmare for some women. I’d hate to be in that position today.”

Lynch-Gardner started the weekly classes last month and has already had a good uptake of clients. She said women will learn everything they need to know in a female-friendly environment.

“It’s only me teaching them, no men at all,” Lynch-Gardner said.

“I teach them karate kempo and the women learn everything that they would in a normal class – I just don’t go as hard on them. I will also grade them separately if they wish.

“I’ve had women in the past interested in learning martial arts but never did because they were intimidated or because of social or religious reasons.”

Lynch-Gardner’s classes run for 90 minutes and are open to school-aged girls right through to adults. Classes cost $10 each plus insurance.

Even if you don’t attend the classes for self-defence purposes, they’re an awesome way to get fit.

Ladies-only martial arts classes are held each Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 2.30pm at Shaolin Martial Arts Centre, located at Level 1, 201 Dunheved Road, Werrington.

To book or for more information, call Cheryl Lynch-Gardner on 0417 077 123 or email [email protected].

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