Volunteers needed for Red Cross Calling campaign

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As most of the country gets back to work after the festive break, Red Cross is encouraging Australians with volunteering on their 2019 New Year resolutions list to start small and register as a Red Cross Calling volunteer.

“If you’ve decided that making a difference is something you want to do in 2019, start small and make it achievable,” said Judy Slatyer, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Red Cross.

“An easy way to give back is by signing up as a volunteer doorknocker or event host for our annual community fundraiser Red Cross Calling. When you collect donations in your neighbourhood, you’ll be helping to fund life-changing services for the community, while strengthening your own personal connections with neighbours.

“In an age where so many of us live online, knowing the people in your street, school and suburb is extremely important. In heatwaves and bushfires like we’ve experienced just recently, your Facebook friend living overseas isn’t going to be the one you turn to for help, it’s more likely to be your neighbour or someone nearby.

“You can also use Red Cross Calling as a way to bring friends together by hosting your own charity event at your home, school or neighbourhood.”

Every year, people from all walks of life get involved. Parents sign up as a family to show kids the value of community service. Retirees make the most of their time and join up. Long-time volunteers, some of whom have been a part of Red Cross Calling for decades continue to be loyal supporters.

Register to knock on your neighbour’s door, shake a tin on the streets or host a fundraising event, and help people through times of crisis.

Register before February 15 at redcrosscalling.org.au and join thousands of people in March to raise money for Red Cross in their communities, schools and workplaces.

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