Residents raise concerns over new missile testing facility

The Defence facility at Orchard Hills
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The Department of Defence is playing down the impact of a new missile testing facility to be built at Orchard Hills.

A 76-year-old resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been living across from the Defence facility for 47 years and told the Weekender she’s concerned about the project.

“There were blasts many, many years ago when they were doing some sort of testing, it made our houses crack, our china fall off the shelves, it was absolutely dreadful,” she said.

“We all complained about it back then and they stopped, to hear they’re planning something again is just terrible and unfair.”

The $70 million project is proposed to deliver a naval guided weapons testing facility to the Defence Establishment at Orchard Hills. The building will allow them to undertake maintenance on weapons to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.

A Defence Force spokesperson said the impact of the project will be nothing but positive for the community.

“Consistent with the Federal Government’s Local Industry Capability Plan, the project is likely to generate a range of employment opportunities in the local area through demand for local services, resources and material,” the spokesperson said.

“Construction will require a diverse range of consultants, contractors and construction workers, which will have flow-on benefits to local small and medium businesses with demand for accommodation, and the construction workforce’s use of cafes, restaurants, and community resources.”

When asked about noise pollution, the spokesperson did not respond. Construction hours will be from 6.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday over a 12 month period.

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