Needle found in apple at local school


A sewing needle has been found inserted into an apple that was brought to a local school by a student today.

The needle was discovered when the Penrith Anglican College student took a bite of the apple during ‘Crunch and Sip’ at the school.

A letter to parents from the school, sighted by the Weekender, states that the student had brought the apple to the College from home.

“Fortunately the student was not harmed and sensibly alerted the class teacher,” the letter said.

“The child’s parents were immediately informed and a report was made to the Police.

“In moving forward we would encourage all parents sending fruit and vegetables to school to carefully inspect all food and where possible cut the fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces.

“The College Canteen has been alerted and will follow the same procedures.”

There have been numerous reports of needles found in fruit, particularly strawberries, across the country in recent weeks.

Troy Dodds

Troy Dodds is the Weekender’s Managing Editor. He has more than 15 years experience as a journalist, working with some of Australia’s leading media organisations.