Family friendly tennis

Local tennis player Mia Kuster and Nepean District Tennis Association coach Keagan McCrohon. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Have you ever wanted to play sport with your child but never had the opportunity to do so?

Beginning this upcoming school term, Nepean District Tennis Association (NDTA) will run a new competition that will see parents and kids form doubles partnerships, to go up against other parents and kids on the tennis court.

To be held at the Woodriff Gardens Tennis Complex in Penrith, the new parent/child competition will take place every Tuesday evening during Term 3.

Following a successful introduction of the competition last term, NDTA senior coach Keagan McCrohon said he was excited to see it return.

“We wanted to get more parents and their kids involved in tennis, so we came up with a fun way for them to play together,” he told the Weekender.

“Last term was the first time we introduced this competition and we had a good turnout.

“We mostly had our tournament-level players and their parents playing, but this term we are opening it up to every standard and ability.”

Out of fairness, McCrohon said parent/child teams will be matched up against other teams with similar abilities and strengths. Parents will also have to be respectful when playing against children as well.

“The idea of this competition is for it to be social and fun, but obviously it can get a bit competitive too,” McCrohon said

Registrations cost $100 per player, with the competition set to get underway next Tuesday, July 31. More details: 4721 2880.

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