Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the budget

Local couple Ben Hull and Shauna Hooper Photo: Melinda Jane
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It’s the day where chocolate and flower sales go through the roof, and public displays of affection are seen everywhere you look.

But whether you’re a lover or hater of the occasion, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share the love.

Dating for two-and-half years, local couple Ben Hull and Shauna Hooper said it was important to put in the effort each year to make the day a special one.

“Just like you get a day dedicated to your birthday and all that, it’s a day dedicated to us, it reminds you to take that day no matter how busy your life is,” Mr Hull said.

For those in long-term relationships, coming up with a different present each year can get difficult, not to mention expensive, but finding the perfect gift doesn’t necessarily mean spending big.

“Normally we make our gifts, and we put a $10 limit on them,” Mr Hull said.

“Last year, I made two candles that combined with a cut-out love heart and the first year I made a bookmark.”

A gift for him can be as easy as decorating his favourite beer with a special message or putting together a modern version of a mix tape with all your favourite songs on a USB stick.

For the lady in your life, treating her to some hand-made coupons will be something she’ll definitely appreciate.

But if getting creative isn’t your strong point, you can always opt for a picnic in the park or better yet, take a trip to the drive-in and watch a movie laying under the stars.

And while there’s nothing wrong with buying a more traditional gift, Mr Hull said that putting a little extra time and getting creative will make that gift a little bit more special.

“You put a lot more thought into it rather than going out and buying something, and at least with something you’ve made you can look back on it,” he said.

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