Is Salt Therapy the answer you’ve been looking for?

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Salt therapy helps to relieve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions in thousands of adults and children, and Salts of the Earth is leading the way in Australia.

Franchise partner Elisa Kupresanin opened the first Salts of the Earth centre in Penrith two months ago.

Salts of the Earth are the salt therapy specialists and help to provide lasting symptom relief to long-term sufferers. People experiencing everything from asthma, hay fever, cold and flu to eczema may experience significant and lasting relief with regular salt therapy.

Diane was a chronic asthmatic. It was so severe she would be hospitalised three to four times a year.

“Nothing was working. I had lots of lung and chest infections, and was taking large amounts of antibiotics and steroids,” Diane said.

“I was really hopeful that Salts of the Earth would enhance my quality of life.

“It made a big difference. It cleared the congestion in my lungs, I was breathing better and coughing much less, so I was using less Ventolin as well.

“My lung function has now returned to normal.”

Andrew Davey was desperate to find relief for his three-year-old son Jake, who suffers from severe eczema.

“Jake’s eczema was so bad he needed cold bandages on his skin,” Andrew said.

“However with consistent salt therapy and regular salt baths, in just three weeks it dramatically helped control his eczema symptoms and cleared his skin.”

Ms Kupresanin said she feels honoured to help so many people in the community find relief from their condition.

“We see salt therapy as an opportunity to help others who suffer from respiratory and skin conditions, whether ongoing or seasonal,” she said.

“I encourage anyone looking for complementary therapy to book in a free consultation with our salt therapists.”

It is important to understand that salt therapy is not an alternative therapy, but a complementary one.

It can help relieve the symptoms of a condition and work in conjunction with existing medication, resulting in even greater relief.

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