Josh Pyke calls it quits – for now

Josh Pyke
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Aussie singer/songwriter Josh Pyke is a talented wordsmith.

After spending more than a decade putting that skill to use creating gorgeously-poetic folk pop tunes, Josh has decided to take an indefinite break from the ‘release an album and then tour it’ cycle.

As well as allowing him to take advantage of any creative opportunities that pop up, Josh is also keen to put his talent to use in new ways – one of which may see the acclaimed songwriter dropping the ‘song’ part of his title.

“Lately I’ve been trying to focus on writing prose instead of songs,” Josh explained.

“It’s such a different skillset. I’ve spent 25 years writing songs and trying to distil things down into three and a half minutes worth of words. Learning how to do the opposite of that is something that I’m keen to try.”

Before he takes a long break from the world of touring, Josh will be heading off on his ‘10 Years of Memories & Dust Regional Tour’ which will include a stop at the Baroque Bar in Katoomba.

The show will see Josh perform his hit debut album ‘Memories & Dust’ in full and solo.

“There is something quite special about playing an album in full,” Josh explained.

“When I make my albums I really labour over the song order so there’s a reason they’re in that order.

“It’s narrative, but it’s also melodic, so playing it in that order, it feels good, it feels kind of correct.”

As with many people involved in creative endeavours looking back on his early work has a been a double edged sword for Josh.

“I reckon it’s taken 10 years to get to the point where I can actually listen to the album and not cringe,” he said.

“I don’t listen to my music around the house, so I haven’t listened to that album a lot since I made it but, funnily enough, my kids have started listening to it.”

With the sounds of those beautifully-crafted tracks wafting down the hallway at night, Josh has gained a renewed sense of pride in the album that launched him into the lives of his many fans.

“It feels good listening to it 10 years later,” he said.

“I stand by all my creative decisions that I made with that album. It’s a good feeling.”

Josh Pyke will be performing at the Baroque Bar in Katoomba on Saturday, November 11 at 8pm. Tickets start at $34.70. For more information, visit

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