Truck leaves trail of destruction

The scene of the crash. Photo: Jason Donnelly / TNV
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A truck has left a trail of devastation and debris along the Great Western Highway, destroying a parked car and crashing into the side of a house overnight.

Between 12.30am and 12.45am today police were called to the Great Western Highway, Kingswood where a truck carrying an excavator had crashed into a house.

The driver of the truck fled the scene.

Inspector Branko Kubecka from St Marys Local Area Command said police are still looking for the person responsible.

“The vehicle collided with another parked car… and ended up coming to rest in the front of the premises,” Insp Kubecka said.

“The parked car was unattended at the time, it was basically dragged along about 30 odd meters and ended up coming to rest on the footpath.

Inspector Branko Kubecka addresses the media. Photo: Kate Reid

“The premises [the truck] eventually collided with, there was no one inside so that was fortunate as well.

“Based on the carnage and the debris left, I’d say [the driver] would have sustained injuries enough to probably require hospitalisation or at least medical treatment.

The only description of the driver police have at this stage is that he was a man, possibly wearing dark clothing.

A car was destroyed in the incident. Photo: Kate Reid

Insp Kubecka said it is “very lucky” that no one aside from the driver was injured.

The truck involved in the incident was reported stolen from a Mt Pritchard retail premises at about 6.15am on Tuesday, August 8.

Police are currently following a number of leads and have urged the driver to come forward.

“If you’ve done this, come forward. You’re probably better off coming forward and telling your version of the story rather than police tracking you down,” Insp Kubecka said.

The truck has been towed from the location and preserved for scientific examination, and police will be looking at forensic and DNA sampling from blood believed to be of the driver left in the heavy vehicle.

Photo: Jason Donnelly / TNV

Medical facilities and hospitals are on alert for anyone who might present for treatment with injuries that could match the incident.

Anyone with information about the theft of the truck from the Mt Pritchard area along Cabramatta Road West or of the incident that occurred in Kingswood is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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