Kingswood house robbed twice in 12 hours

Photo: Emily Newton
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Police are investigating a home invasion in Kingswood this morning involving up to four perpetrators.

Multiple police vehicles and detectives filled the small cul-de-sac at Sallee Glen on Tuesday as they tried to piece together what happened.

Inspector Branko Kubecka said that the possibly armed perpetrators have forced entry into the home, with the occupant managing to narrowly evade them.

“Between 2am and 6am this morning, police received a report that three, possibly four, males have forced their way into the dwelling here,” Insp Kubecka told the Weekender.

“We believe that one of them may have been armed with a weapon.

“There was an occupant in the house that fled and went to a different residence and then phoned police.

“They escaped prior to the offenders actually entering into the house. There was no one harmed at this stage.”

Witnesses say an occupant of the Sallee Glen home looked visibly shaken following the incident.

Detectives are currently speaking to the victim who is helping with investigations surrounding what could be the motive behind the home invasion.

“It looks like our four perpetrators have ransacked the home and taken a number of items,” Insp Kubecka said.

“Right now we’re investigating exactly what was taken and what any motive was behind any of this.

“We’ve got our forensic examiners at the moment taking swabs and other things.”

While police say there are following a few leads, it is currently too early to tell the importance of them and investigations are ongoing into the home invasion and who the offenders may be.

The morning break-in follows another that allegedly occurred at the same property the evening before (Monday, July 10) around 7.30pm.

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