Showing care in times when it’s needed most

New mum Abir Moustapha and her son Adam received one of the hampers from We All Care founder Jo Karalis at Nepean Hospital last week. Photo: Kate Reid
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The beginning of motherhood has become that little bit calmer for some local mums thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Community based organisation We All Care donated 50 hampers to Nepean Hospital’s antenatal ward thanks to the generous donations of community members last week.

Founder Jo Karalis said We All Care aims to help the disadvantaged in any small way they can.

“A friend of mine met one of the birthing nurses at the dentist who was saying a lot of ladies come through the hospital and have nothing,” she said.

“Because We All Care have been doing Mother’s Day hampers, we decided to get together with local mothers and put hampers together for the women that come through.”

The organisation has already made over 4,000 hampers for mothers through April and May.

The 50 hampers that were donated to Nepean Hospital were created specifically for women who may have been transferred to the hospital from rural areas or in an emergency.

“We’ve provided wet wipes, nappies, sanitary items, toiletries, wraps, singlets, bras, underwear and socks,” Ms Karalis said.

Their mission is clear – to ensure no one goes without.

“There would be nothing worse than being a mother and not being able to supply anything for your child,” Ms Karalis said.

“Even not being able to supply a sanitary item for yourself would be horrible.

“Birthing could go either way, it could be either a horrible experience or a great experience.”

For those who don’t have a great experience, Ms Karalis is keen to provide a little bit of light.

“Why make it worse? Why not make it nicer for them and let them know that someone out there does care,” she said.

With four women who do most of the work, the organisation is slowly growing with hundreds of members on their Facebook page.

Launched in January this year, We All Care has already helped the lives of thousands of members in the community who are experiencing hardship.

For more information or to find out how you can help, visit

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