Safety concerns surround Judges Car Park

Councillor Mark Davies at Judges Car Park. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Safety concerns over the state of Judges Car Park have resurfaced, with Councillor Mark Davies requesting Council look at ways to clean up the mess.

Specifically the top level and stairwells have raised eyebrows recently, with local residents, particularly women, expressing their discontent.

Cr Davies said he had been contacted by a number of locals, who described the scene as a “big mess” and a “free for all”.

“Some fires are being lit, which is probably an indication that the weather is starting to change,” he said.

“Also, what is being described down the stairwells is that people are defecating and there is urine, and that’s not what we want.”

Cr Davies said people are willing to utilise the “prime” all-day parking facility located on Woodriff Street, but some were increasingly second guessing their usage “due to what is happening there”.

“I requested a memo or report back just to look at what we can do to clean up the top deck,” he said.

“This is an ongoing concern. The point I made last Monday night is it’s not an easy solution – there are a lot of factors.”

Cr Davies, who is also on the board of WestCare Community Services, a local not-for-profit charity, said it was important to address the underlying problems that lead to homelessness and people sleeping rough in car parks, but also to ensure residents feel safe when using car parks.

“We also need to secure the safety and amenities for people to be able to park and park safely, which is important to the ratepayers of the city,” he said.

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