Jill gives back to hospital

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If you have been to Nepean Hospital in the past eight and a half years, you might recognise the smiling face of volunteer Jill McLucas.

Helping with a bit of everything including delivering magazines, sorting out morning tea and having a giggle with patients, Ms McLucas sees the hospital as part of her identity now.

“I just think it’s wonderful to go around and be with the patients and have a laugh,” she said.

“The same patients come by and you get to sit and have a talk and get to know them, I love it.”

She is just one of the many volunteers across the state that are being celebrated by patients, staff and health professionals during NSW Health Volunteer Week this week.

A patient at Nepean Hospital herself 10 years ago for breast cancer, she tragically lost her husband to a stroke as she was undergoing treatment.

“The staff and volunteers at the hospital were amazing support during it all,” she said.

“I coped, I’m not sure how, but keeping busy helped.”

Having previously never volunteered, Ms McLucas found immense enjoyment in helping others as she recovered from losing her husband.

Recognised as Volunteer of the Year three years ago, Ms McLucas said there’s no time like the present to lend a helping hand.

“Just come and do it, especially if you are on your own like I am,” she said.

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