Generous donation after hospital stay

David Robert Hill
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Blue Mountains Artist, David Robert Hill, has generously donated a collection of his paintings to Nepean Hospital in appreciation of his treatment there recently.

On Tuesday, the artist visited the South Block corridor of Nepean Hospital with Urological Surgeon, Mohamed Khadra, to view the 22-piece collection that is now hanging proudly on the walls.

Mr Hill said he decided to donate the collection to the Penrith hospital after spending two days there.

“I was in the hospital to have some prostate tests done,” Mr Hill said.

“I hadn’t been admitted into a hospital since I was a child and I was very impressed by the duty of care and friendliness of the nurses and doctors at Nepean.”

At 79, the well-known Katoomba-based artist has been painting for over 40 years and said the collection he has donated is inwardly focused.

“This collection has a dream-like, subjective aspect to it,” Mr Hill said.

“It’s about looking on the inside rather than the outside.”

Mr Hill said the idea to give the paintings to the hospital came to him when he woke up one morning and looked in the mirror.

“I realised, I’m not getting any younger,” he said.

“It occurred to me, I have a house full of paintings, what am I going to do with all of them?”

He said it dawned on him that others could get enjoyment out of his work.

“In the hospital, lots of sick people who are coming in and out will be able to see them,” Mr Hill said.

Mr Hill’s artwork is currently on show at Gallery One88 in Katoomba.

The London-born artist has also just released an art book called The Painters Art that is available for purchase at Gallery One88 for $35.

The book features a collection of Mr Hill and other local Blue Mountains artists’ works, as well as poetry.

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