Power supply set to be at full stretch

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Power supply in NSW will be at full stretch tomorrow with the state set to experience a record demand for energy caused by the forecast heatwave.

The record demand day for power is expected to peak between 4:30pm and 6:30pm, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

AEMO is forecasting electricity demand to reach around 14,700 megawatts (MW), the highest ever demand in NSW.

Minister for Energy and Utilities Don Harwin has encouraged the public to help play their part in easing the strain.

“The NSW Government is doing everything we can to ensure a power outage is avoided but we encourage the community to reduce their energy use where possible,” Mr Harwin said.

“Where you can please do your best to save energy – turn up your air con to 26 degrees, adjust fridge temperatures, switch off unused electrical appliances and turn off lights where it’s safe to do so.

“I am being kept up to date on the situation and if further action is to be taken we will make sure that the energy companies are informing their customers, and we will update the community as we know more.”

The forecast peak is for up to two hours tomorrow, and while a hot weekend is expected AEMO and the networks are comfortable that supply will be available.

“We are working with AEMO, TransGrid and generators to ensure that all generation capacity is operating including coal, hydro, gas, wind and solar,” Mr Harwin said.

“The Government is taking additional steps to reduce peak demand, including in Government operations. If required the networks will consider load shedding to manage peak demand.”

Load shedding is used to ease the pressure on the power system to protect it from potentially impacting more residents, and for a longer period. TransGrid has cancelled all scheduled maintenance to ensure all possible transmission capacity is in place.

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