Fan shortage in Penrith

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The mercury is only just starting to climb, but Penrith is already facing a serious fan shortage.

Stores through the local area are selling out of everything to help cool the home quickly, if they haven’t already sold out.

Currently the best place to buy fans is at The Good Guys Penrith where they have a few 40cm pedestal fans left in stock, but they’re flying from the shelves fast.

Target, Big W and Kmart in Penrith are all completely sold out of fans and home cooling systems, and are unlikely to receive any additional stock before summer is over.

Bunnings North Penrith is also sold out, while the Bunnings Penrith store at Regentville currently has two left in stock.

JB HiFi Westfield’s HOME Superstore also has two left, both of which are towards the more expensive end of the fan range costing $149.

If you’re struggling to stay cool, NSW Health recommends keeping windows shaded with curtains or blinds and keeping windows closed during the day.

If you don’t have air-conditioning and have unfortunately missed out on home cooling during the great Penrith fan shortage, try to spend time in an air-conditioned place like a shopping centre, library or cinema.

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