Who are Steve and Sandy? Help solve Penrith’s photo album mystery

Rebecca Madge and Bree Thompson from Stanton and Taylor in Penrith
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Steve and Sandy from Colless Street, Penrith – you’re wanted.

Placed in a rare situation, the team at Penrith real estate agency Stanton and Taylor First National are on the hunt for the owners of several family photo albums, full of lifelong memories.

The albums were handed in to the real estate office by the tenants of a property on Colless Street, Penrith, in an attempt to help find who they belong to.

A Steve and a Sandy are mentioned in the albums as well as an Adam, believed to be the duo’s son.

A daughter is also in there but no name can be found.

Property Manager of the Colless Street address, Rebecca Madge, told the Weekender it’s a very unusual situation.

“I’ve been a property manager for 13 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” she said.

“It’s really strange – we don’t normally get people dropping things off to us, especially like this, but it’s great they did.”

Some of the mystery photos

Ms Madge said they are keen to track down the beloved owners of the photo albums and ensure they have their treasured memories.

“We’re so glad the tenants brought these in because now we have the opportunity to return them to their rightful owners,” she said.

“We’d love to be able to track down the owners of these beautiful family albums – we’re sure someone is missing them.”

If you think these are your albums, contact Stanton and Taylor or the Western Weekender office on 4722 2998.

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