Basketball court causes chaos in Jordan Springs

Graham Hunt at the basketball court. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Jordan Springs resident Graham Hunt has had enough of the all-hours basketball court that’s been placed outside his bedroom window on Greenwood Parkway for the past nine months.

Mr Hunt and his wife Amanda have written several letters to Penrith Council detailing their frustration at hearing constant thumps at all hours of the day whenever someone is playing the sport.

The couple say not only do people play during the day, they also bring their cars up to the court at night and switch on their headlights to see.

In the several letters sent to Penrith Council, Penrith Mayor John Thain, State Member for Londonderry Prue Car, and representatives from Lendlease, the couple outlined the effect the basketball court has had on their family, including sleep disturbance and possible detriment on the sale of their property.

Mrs Hunt outlined suggestions as a possible way to resolve the issue including, a soundproof wall constructed between the court and the road on Greenwood Parkway; security fencing around the courts so they can be locked; moving the court away from such close proximity to residential properties; and bollards to prevent cars being driven onto the court.

Mr Hunt told the Weekender it’s incredibly frustrating.

“People are at it all hours of the night and all we hear is thump, thump then bang when the ball hits the backboard,” he said.

“I’ve called the police on multiple occasions but obviously they have better things to do than come and get rid of people playing basketball at 4am.

“There wouldn’t be a problem if it was moved – there’s plenty of park to move it but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.”

A spokesperson for Penrith Council said after discussions with Lendlease, signage will soon be installed at the two pedestrian entry points to the court.

“Lendlease has agreed to install appropriate signage at the two pedestrian entry points to the basketball courts,” the spokesperson said

“The signage restricts use of the area after 9pm and will enable security officers, police and rangers to enforce the after hours usage.”

The spokesperson added that Council has also been advised that additional patrols will be undertaken by security employed by Lendlease to deter the public from using the courts after 9pm.

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