‘Rapid build’ prison for Emu Plains

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Emu Plains will house the latest ‘rapid build’ prison, which the State Government says will stimulate the area’s economy and provide local jobs.

This is the third of four innovative dormitory-style facilities to be approved for construction by the NSW Government. The expansion is part of the $3.8 billion plan in response to the rising prison population as well as to better manage and reform inmates.

Minister for Correctives David Elliott said the ‘rapid build’ prison will be on the same site as the Emu Plains Correctional Centre but act as a separate facility.

“This new prison can hold 400 maximum security inmates and will create 220 jobs,” Mr Elliott said.

“The benefit of a ‘rapid built’ prison is its ability to allow the government to quickly respond to the rising prison population while being an investment in community safety.”

‘Rapid build’ prisons have four wings each with four pods of 25 inmates.

Some of the prison’s key features include first-floor corridors with operable windows overlooking the pods and infra-red cameras for night monitoring. An Immediate Action Team are based in the facility to provide a 24/7 response to incidents.

Wellington and Cessnock will also have similar facilities while a fourth site is yet to be determined.

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) Commissioner Peter Severin said these centres allow inmates to complete programs vital to their rehabilitation.

“There is a library and a computer room in each dormitory and inmates will be engaged in activities for up to 12 hours a day,” Commissioner Severin said.

“The programs are geared toward reducing reoffending and gaining job based skills.”

The NSW Government approved the Emu Plains ‘rapid build’ last week. A construction contract will soon be awarded to build the prison.

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