More than $85,000 raised for homelessness project

Staff at The Coffee Club donated their time. Photo: Brooke Grosse Photography
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WestCare Community Services is working towards ending homelessness in the Penrith area, with over $85,000 raised at their annual fundraising dinner last week.

The focus of the fundraiser was the organisation’s 1000 Safe Sleeps project.

The aim of the project is to refurbish two two-bedroom units in Penrith that can be used for short term crisis accommodation in a bid to end homelessness in the Penrith area.

Held last Thursday, September 8 at The Coffee Club Nepean River, over 160 business people and community members attended the fundraiser.

Assistant Director at WestCare Community Services, Andrew Paech, told the Weekender it was a hugely successful night.

Photo: Brooke Grosse Photography
Photo: Brooke Grosse Photography

“It was an outstanding night – we had a great response from the wonderful community of Penrith,” he said.

“We’re very excited to have raised these funds which will now help us in continuing the 1000 Safe Sleeps project.”

Over 60 businesses contributed to the night with everything donated, including the time of the staff at The Coffee Club Nepean River.

Mr Paech said he loves being a part of WestCare, and confirmed the fundraiser will return next year.

“At WestCare, we just love making a genuine difference in this community, particularly for those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable,” Mr Paech said.

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