Eating healthy at work

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katereidWhen it comes to eating healthy at work it can sometimes seem like too much hassle.

You’re busy, deadlines are looming and taking time out to make a salad is the last thing on your mind.

But there’s a few simple tricks to keep work from getting in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

Keep nutritious options on hand

Open up my desk drawer and you’ll mostly likely find some combination of the following: nuts, roasted chickpeas, cranberries and muesli bars.

Keeping a collection of nutritious snacks at your desk, or perishables in a communal fridge, is a good way to manage those 4pm cravings.

Eat a well balanced lunch

When I worked as a health coach and a client said they often felt hungry again not long after lunch it was almost always because they weren’t having a good protein source with their main meal.

Protein helps with satiety so ensure your lunch includes a high protein ingredient – like lean meat, eggs, tofu, nuts or legumes.

Double up your dinners

Preparing lunch for work can be as simple as making extra dinner the night before. Up the nutrient quote by adding fresh salad or extra veggies to your meal.

Know where to find nutritious takeaway

When you do decide to buy lunch it’s good to know where you can get something quick and healthy, especially if you’re busy and plan to eat at your desk.

Some of my favourite options are sushi, Subway/sandwich, or a burrito bowl full of high protein beans and salad.

Don’t be too strict

If there’s birthday cake in the office and you want a piece then have some. Every balanced diet has room for the occasional piece of cake.

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