Endeavour Energy cancels planned power outages

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With forecast temperatures of 40-plus degrees in Penrith tomorrow, Endeavour Energy has cancelled a number of planned outages.

Endeavour Energy’s policy is to cancel planned power interruptions in areas where the temperature is forecast to exceed 40 degrees unless emergency work needs to be completed.

“We do this because we recognise that temperature extremes can pose a risk to the safety and welfare of our customers, particularly the vulnerable,” a spokesperson said.

“Endeavour Energy has cancelled outages that had been planned for Thursday, 14 January from Penrith and Windsor to Parramatta, Liverpool, Campbelltown and through to Picton.

“Customers can call us on 131 003 to check if a notified interruption will still proceed in their area.”

Temperatures are expected to hit 41 degrees tomorrow in Penrith with an afternoon thunderstorm likely.

There will be a dramatic drop in temperatures by Friday with just 24 predicted.

How to stay cool and save energy on hot days

• wherever possible, cover windows to keep the sun out of your home
• have plenty of cold water in your fridge and spare ice in the freezer
• clean the filters on your air-conditioner to keep them working efficiently
• set your thermostat to a comfortable 23 to 26 degrees. Every degree cooler you set the air conditioner adds more to your cooling costs
• limit opening your fridge – it takes three minutes to regain its temperature every time the door is opened
• turn off electrical equipment not in use
• insulate your home as this will reduce both heating and cooling costs over winter and summer
• use fans to circulate cool air
• be a thoughtful neighbour, especially if you have elderly neighbours. Check their welfare if you know they are without power.

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