Blair’s wearing a smile after winning t-shirt comp

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Glenmore Park resident Blair Sayer is celebrating after he won a national competition when he designed his own logo that will eventually be printed on t-shirts and worn by thousands of people.

The t-shirt competition was run by ‘Newtown Locals’ and was created for a good cause.

The t-shirts with Mr Sayer’s logo on them will be available for purchase at the Newtown Festival in November, with all proceeds going to charity.

Mr Sayer, a freelance illustrator for over 20 years, said he was happy to have won the competition.

“I was really stoked to have won,” Mr Sayer said.

“Illustrating is all I’ve really known and I’m very lucky to be making a living from it.”

Mr Sayer said the image he designed just came to him and is of a luchador (Mexican wrestler) playing a dagwood dog.

“I’m just weird I guess, and the image just came to me of the two things,” he joked.

“People should get to the festival and buy my t-shirt to support a charity.”

The Newtown Festival will be held at Camperdown Park in Newtown on Sunday, November 8.

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