The suburb without a name

Penrith Mayor Ross Fowler
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The final name for the Central Precinct between Jordan Springs and Ropes Crossing is still up for discussion, after Penrith City Council deferred the matter at its Ordinary Meeting on Monday night.

A report was presented to Council that sought to amend the suburb names and boundaries within the former St Marys Australian Defence Industries (ADI) site.

It recommended to extend the suburb of Jordan Springs to incorporate part of the regional park, and change the name of the Central Precinct between that and Ropes Crossing to Jordan Springs East.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ross Fowler, expressed his disappointment towards Lend Lease for the new name, suggesting it wasn’t creative enough.

“A significant portion of the Wianamatta Regional Park separates Jordan Springs from the new Central Precinct,” he said.

“To call it Jordan Springs East is unimaginative and uninspiring.”

Cr Fowler made his own suggestion in Council, that he thinks is more creative and that people can be proud of.

“I am going to suggest the name ‘Wensley’, just off the cuff, to be a little more imaginative in the name choice rather than consider it from a marketing view,” he said.

“Neil Wensley happens to be a long serving General Manager of the ADI site, who managed the munitions factory up until when it closed in the early 1990s. I actually attended his funeral.

“His daughter happens to be Penny Wensley who attended Penrith High School, and was a former Governor of Queensland.”

Councillor Greg Davies jokingly suggested Jordan's Crossing
Councillor Greg Davies jokingly suggested Jordan’s Crossing

Councillor Greg Davies jokingly suggested to name the area ‘Jordan’s Crossing’, but said a final decision should be deferred.

Names for the suburb need to be in accordance with the Geographical Names Board guidelines, such as being short and easy to pronounce, which Jordan Springs East complies with.

– Dale Drinkwater

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