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The founders of Debt Cutter started out in a similar way to every client they’ve ever supported over the last 10 years.

Their background in Debt Management emerged from beginnings that look more like humiliation, but on reflection, humbling, as they turned pain into the ability to help thousands.

Geoff Chester (pictured) and wife Mal, at 50, not only lost their family business, they lost everything they worked their whole lives for to make sure their staff did not lose out.

The stress of everything crumbling contributed to Geoff almost losing his life, but thanks to modern medicine he survived a serious heart attack.

Getting back on the horse wasn’t easy, the emotional pain of leaving the past behind was enormous.

During the humbling experience of being on Centrelink after a lifetime of professional employment, Geoff happened upon a job advert seeking a Debt Agreement consultant and found himself saying: “I know a bit about debt”.

Just like every story of trial and tribulations their journey was filled with long nights of hard work making ends meet, while helping thousands overcome their debt struggles. But Geoff and Mal’s unending positive attitude means they never gave up.

Now Debt Cutter is supporting many employees, some who have also experienced the trauma of crippling debt. That’s where the motto comes from: “We care, because we’ve been there”.

Not another company looking for an avenue to make a buck, but one that truly believes everyone deserves a light at the end of the tunnel.

Geoff and Mal have brought their own experiences to the table and developed a business that takes great care with their clients. Why? Because they know how it feels.

And the rest is not just history.

It’s the present and it will be long into the future that Debt Cutter will continue to pour their caring attitude, support and success mindsets into their clients.

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