Is Penrith really here?

Maurice Girotto
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It’s one of the most basic marketing tools in the book, says Penrith Councillor Maurice Girotto – Penrith needs to announce itself to motorists passing through the area.

Cr Girotto has raised concerns that there are no welcoming signs announcing to motorists that they are entering the Penrith Local Government Area along our major roads, meaning the region is not getting full exposure to tourists and visitors.

“If I drive along the Northern Road I eventually reach a sign that says ‘Welcome to the Hawkesbury’. If I am coming down the mountains, just before I reach the Nepean River I see a sign that says ‘Welcome to Sydney’,” he said.

“How are people supposed to know they are visiting Penrith if there are not any signs?”

He says he would like to see double sided signs installed along all major road routes into Penrith saying ‘welcome to Penrith’ and ‘thanks for visiting Penrith’.

“Other councils are doing it and we should too,” he said.

“We really need big signs along the M4, the Great Western Highway, Mulgoa Road, the Northern Road and other major routes. There’s lots of talk about the campaign ‘Penrith is Here’ and we have this giant orange ‘P’ that looks like it belongs in a Berocca ad but if we are going to announce this to the world then we really need to let people know when they have arrived here.”

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