Calls for clean up order

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Penrith Councillor Bernard Bratusa is calling on Penrith Council to take action against the owner of the site where a devastating grass fire started last Friday.

About 12.44pm the fire started on a poorly maintained block behind the industrial complex on Copeland Street, Kingswood and quickly spread.

Cr Bratusa said that after inspecting the damage caused by the fire, which claimed a panel beating business and impacted upon three other businesses, he was very unimpressed with the state in which the vacant block of land had been kept.

“I visited the site on the weekend and it is an accident waiting to happen with overgrown grass and trees adding to the old trucks and combustible fuels on the land,” he said.

“It’s in close proximity to homes, St Dominics College, Penrith Gaels Club and other businesses and so requires an immediate clean up order – to be issued by Council to the owners of the site.”

He has called for an urgent report to be delivered to Councillors at the next possible Council meeting.

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