Coles, Aldi set to open in Glenmore Park

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Village Fair Glenmore Park has lodged its plans for the expansion for Glenmore Park Town Centre – and it is all worth a staggering $25 million.

In 2012, a planning permit was given for the shopping centre’s expansion however the new plans show a substantially lesser development. Glenmore Park Shopping Centre currently provides a range of specialty stores and access to a Woolworths supermarket.

The extension will provide an additional 8,600 square metres of retail space, to be located on the vacant block frequently used as a car park for the sports fields.

The second stage of the Glenmore Park Shops will include a Coles supermarket, Aldi supermarket, specialty shops and commercial space.

There will also be a two-storey car park with 388 spaces. Cardno, who completed the traffic impact assessment of the development said that car parking demands generated by Ched Towns Reserve have been incorporated in the plans.

“Whilst not necessarily the responsibility of the applicant or the proposed shopping centre expansion, it is considered that a holistic view and assessment of the future parking demands in the area would be warranted to ensure that the proposed parking provisions will adequately cater for the demands associated with the existing shopping centre, the expansion to the shopping centre, and also the existing use of the sporting and community uses in the area,” Cardno said.

Village Fair say there would be substantial benefits from the local shopping centre’s expansion.

“Under a ‘do-nothing’ scenario, the Glenmore Park Town Centre is expected to achieve sales of about $89.5 million in the year 2016/17. The proposed expanded centre, including two new supermarkets, is estimated to achieve potential sales of $140.1 million in 2016/17, equating to a sales uplift of about $50.7 million,” Village Fair said in their economic assessment.

“The proposed expansion of the town centre is estimated to cost approximately $25 million. Based on these costs, we estimate that 278 construction jobs per year will be created during the construction of the retail component of the centre, including 107 created directly.”

In principal approval is also being sought for a 74 unit apartment development, which would proceed upon completion of the shopping centre.

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