Build on your strengths

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Do you fix your weaknesses or build on your strengths? I go through this question regularly with clients.

When people choose their careers or start off in business, they do so because they have a great strength.

Whether you’re a terrific salesperson or an outstanding electrician, your strength is the vehicle to make you money. But it only takes a short amount of time to realise what you do poorly.

No one is the jack of all trades, everyone has weaknesses as well as strengths. How many New Year’s resolutions are focused on fixing a weakness? Most people are too preoccupied with fixing what’s wrong.

Lots of people seek my advice on how to fix their weaknesses but some simply aren’t fulfilling the potential of their strengths. People that are at the top of their field are not perfect. In fact, they do have weakness, but no fatal flaws. The weaknesses do not hurt them because their strengths are so profound.

I believe you should be as capable at identifying and fixing your weaknesses, as you are at identifying and building on your strengths. Our weaknesses are areas we need to work with over time.

Just because we don’t do something well at this very moment, doesn’t mean we can’t become very skilled at it in the future.

Instead of looking at these areas as weaknesses, plan for more time or do a little more reading in these areas.

Focusing on your strengths makes it easier to achieve goals, lower levels of stress and improve feelings of well-being. Your greatest successes and greatest growth comes from regularly using your strengths in your work.

We are at our best using skills and experience which have been practiced over and over and over again, because they’re things we like doing and are good at.

Part of my job is identifying gaps in clients themselves and in their businesses. It helps to see if there is a strength I can help a client build on first. But some weaknesses can be countered through good advice and some professional development. Every situation is different.

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