A place for blokes to call home

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There is nothing more blokey than a Men’s Shed, a place where men of all ages congregate to build, tinker and have a yarn.

But until now Penrith’s men have had to travel long distances to reach their closest Shed.

Penrith’s first Men’s Shed is opening on Wednesday, June 4, out of a temporary location in Glenmore Park until its permanent location, in the new Caddens Estate, is accessible.

“We were looking at some statistics for the area and found that there are over 16,000 men between the ages of 60-85, not including the unemployed, disabled, socially isolated and working men,” said Penrith Community Men’s Shed Chairman, Merv Adlington.

“There is a real need for men that hasn’t as yet been fully met here in Penrith. A place where a man, any man, can go to feel at home and be made felt welcome regardless of his age, ability or culture, a place they can call their own.”

There are a number of Sheds on the outskirts of the local area, but this is the first within a few kilometres from the centre of Penrith.

Mr Adlington said the concept gives men a great chance to talk about issues they may usually keep to themselves.

“There are a lot of things that men don’t feel comfortable talking about in mixed company, which is why having an all-blokes environment is good,” Mr Adlington said.

“If you want to build something or work on a project you can but if you just want to sit around and have a yack, you can do that too.”

The Shed’s program will include personal and community based projects, as decided by the men, and there will also be a number of courses and presentations offered as well.

The main objective of the Penrith Community Men’s Shed is to advance the health and wellbeing of men in the local area, particularly those who participate in the shed. There will be a number of presentations by organisations like Beyond Blue and Diabetes Australia.

The Shed is currently looking for both members, who can visit www.penrithcommunitymensshed.org for information, and donations of tools or equipment that can be used by the group’s members.

For more information on how to donate or how to join, contact Mr Adlington on 0439 646 942.

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