Funding deficit for World Champs

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Penrith is set to host the 2014 Canoe Slalom World Championships for the Juniors and under 23’s, however, organising body Australian Canoeing is in need of support from local businesses.

The world class event, which is set to showcase Penrith on an international stage from April 23 to 27, is currently $100,000 short in funding.

The event is definitely going ahead, according to Australian Canoeing CEO, Greg Doyle, but financial assistance from the local community is desperately needed.

“The World Championships will be a fantastic event at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium and we have nearly 300 competitors from 34 countries coming to Penrith, not to mention coaches and support staff and spectators,” Mr Doyle said.

“But hosting such a large event does cost quite a bit, which is why the budget is in deficit.”

Operations Manager, Mary Macaluso, said that the event is costing approximately $700 an hour, with five days of competition and a further four days of training.

“We have Yogurtland on board who will be setting up a stall and offering samples, so there’s lots of opportunities for other businesses to act as sponsors or get involved,” she said.

“We will also be holding a VIP function and there are opportunities for businesses there too to have both local and international exposure.”

Mr Doyle said that Penrith Council has been a massive supporter of the World Championships.

“Penrith Council have been very supportive and we are grateful of their commitment. They have already contributed $20,000 including a civic reception,” he said.

“We want Penrith to remain and grow as the heart of whitewater sports in Australia and that’s why we need support from other organisations.”

It is expected that the World Championships will generate a $1.9 million economic benefit to Penrith.

To get involved, call Australian Canoeing on 8116 9727.

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