Open plan or behind closed doors?

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Twice in the last week I have been asked the question of ‘what is best for an office, an open plan layout or a closed office setting?’

It is a very important consideration for any new business and can impact productivity and staff morale. It also impacts the amount of workspace you can fit within your office space.

Benefits of open plan office space:

• Creates a sense of community and team spirit.

• More employees can fit in less space, reducing costs.

• Allows for free flow communication amongst employees.

• Fosters a sense of team culture where everyone is approachable and on an even level.

• Allows employers or managers to oversee all employees easily.

Benefits of a closed office setting:

• Increased level of privacy.

• Provides a reduced level of distractions.

• Reduced noise levels which are important for employees that need high concentration.

• It can foster a feeling of security.

Despite all this, it does come down to each business being different. The one I work in for example needs closed offices because we give business advice which is confidential.

It is also important to consider that the ideal office layout for your business may be a combination of closed and open office space, keeping in mind the particular needs of the various employees or departments.Remember each business is unique.

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