Woman jailed over false accusations

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A woman told police her ex-partner was discharging a firearm in a public street, prompting a major response, but the accusation was later proved to be unfounded.

The 24-year-old woman faced Penrith Local Court on Monday and will spend the next seven months in prison.

On August 29, 2012, the woman made a ‘000’ call reporting that her ex-partner was discharging a firearm in a public street.

This resulted in the partner being approached by fully armed police in the middle of the night.

These reports proved to be false and as a result, the woman was charged with ‘making false accusations with intent to subject another to investigation’.

Around the same period, between August 27 and August 30, 2012, the woman used a mobile phone to ‘menace or harass’ a person associated with her ex-partner, for which she was also charged. By committing these offences, the woman was breaching the terms of four different bonds for offences such as assault and damage property, including two section 12 bonds for suspended sentences.

“When I look at the [making false accusation] offence, it is not an impulsive act, it is planned, it is deliberate,” the magistrate said.

“It is simply wrong.”

In relation to the section 12 bonds, they were revoked and two concurrent seven-month imprisonment sentences were imposed with non-parole periods of one month and one week. In relation to the false accusation charge, the woman was convicted and sentenced to a three month period of imprisonment, concurrent with the previous sentence.    

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