We've had enough

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Local licensed stores and venues are sick and tired of patrons failing to go home after being asked to leave a venue and as a result are calling on the public to sharpen their act this Christmas season.

The Penrith St Marys Liquor Accord is made up of 44 of the area’s licensed clubs, hotels, bottle shops and supermarkets that meet quarterly to discuss issues in the local area.

Drunk people failing to go home after being asked to leave is an issue common to most members of the Accord and staff have had enough.

“The message we are trying to get across is that we are following the law. Yes, once we ask someone to leave, they have to leave the premises,” said Stewart Graham, Penrith St Marys Liquor Accord Chairman and Chief Operating Officer at St Marys Leagues Club.

“One of our biggest problems is that once we ask someone to leave, they try to get back in. 90 per cent of people will accept it but the 10 per cent who don’t are often those who cause trouble.”

With cooperation by the intoxicated person, the issue can be solved in-house but “too regularly” the police are called to deal with the offender.

Over the weekend, a 33-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man, both from South Penrith were allegedly asked to leave a Lethbridge Street venue.

It is alleged staff had cause to speak to the woman, who was intoxicated, and asked her to leave before she and the man became quarrelsome with staff – they were asked to leave again.

Whilst leaving the venue the man allegedly became involved in an altercation, striking a security guard and the woman allegedly continually swung her arms in a violent fashion toward staff.

Once outside the venue, the pair refused to leave and attempted to regain entry a number of times.

The police were called and both the man and woman were detained.

Both are to receive Future Court Attendance Notices for charges of assault and fail to quit the licensed premises.

“Enough is enough. When you are asked to leave and you have had enough to drink, just go home, please go home,” Detective Inspector Grant Healey, Penrith Police Crime Manager said.

“The police get involved, we come out and give a $550 ticket for failing to quit – we can arrest you. When they are asking you to leave it is obviously in the time before things go bad.”

Together as an Accord and within each company, local licensed venues will be taking action against those who choose to act irresponsibly.

“From our point of view, it is all about being proactive in the responsible service of alcohol. It is also about the public learning to be responsible for themselves,” Mr Graham said.

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