Walking away

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You have to know when to walk away.

It is a hard thing to do; you will wonder for a while after if it was the right decision and if you should have found another option to deal with the client.

But there are those scenarios where its better if you walk away from the work. Here are some of those times:

• You’re not getting paid. This is obvious but not taken seriously. It’s not turn over until it’s in your bank account so if a client is running up a big bill, have a good think about your position.

• When potential or current clients introduce strange and unreasonable terms. I’ve had some of my clients get offered to be paid six months after completing the job and others getting asked to have refund clauses if the client does a back flip even after the job is complete.

• Your client wants you to do something illegal or unethical. Walk away fast. Run even.

• It’s not ‘clicking’. If nothing you do is quite right no matter how much you try, it may be worth letting the client go.

• When your boundaries keep getting pushed. This is for those clients that always want that little bit more. If you’re cringing every time they email or call you then you’re probably better off finding another client that fits right.

• When you’re already swamped. Speaks for itself.

• Lastly, when you have a bad feeling. I’m a big believer in following your gut.

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