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While opera is often considered to be a high class pursuit, Mozart’s classic work ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ has something for everyone – drama, suspense, comedy and fabulous music.

The beloved opera will be brought to the stage by the talented Pacific Opera Company in association with the Penrith Symphony Orchestra, for one amazing night at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, August 10.

Written by acclaimed composer Mozart in the 18th century, ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ has remained one of the world’s most popular and beloved operas.

Filled with melodrama and wit, ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ is set in the Palace of the Count of Almaviva in Spain and has an intricately woven plot – from the wedding of two servants, to the antics of the bullying, scheming Count and an exploration of the issues of marriage, infidelity and power.

Despite the passage of hundreds of years, this opera remains fresh and relevant to modern audiences according to Penrith Symphony Orchestra’s chief conductor Paul Terracini.

“The music is just so powerful from a composer of the quality of Mozart so it’s got those two qualities that makes it timeless,” Mr Terracini said.

“It’s got wonderful arias and duets and ensembles in it and many of them are well known, not only to opera-goers but many people have heard these tunes before even though they might not know they’re from ‘Marriage of Figaro’.”

Staging one of the most praised and performed operas in history was a challenging task that required a lot of thought and reflection.

“You have to make sure that what you’re doing is paying respect to Mozart and the great tradition of performances that have gone on over the last several hundred years… there’s such a tradition there and you have to make sure you’re aware of that and yet you also have to be able to add something of yourself to it, but within the stylistic context,” Mr Terracini said.

Mr Terracini said that it has been a great experience for Penrith Symphony Orchestra to work alongside Pacific Opera: “throughout its history, it’s been giving young singers a chance to sing these operas and to get a start and get experience in the work”.

‘The Marriage of Figaro’ will be performed at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, August 10 at 8pm. Tickets range from $41 to $55. For bookings call 4723 7600 or visit www.jspac.com.au.

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