High St to be closed for park

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After a rather circular debate on Monday evening, Penrith Councillors adopted the Penrith CBD Masterplan which will see High Street closed at the Westfield end to create a triangular recreation park.

Overall, the Masterplan will see Penrith CBD revitalised with broader walkways, greenery, artworks and other aesthetic improvements.

Cr Marcus Cornish said he supports the plan but not the road closure.

“Haven’t we learned from the last time High Street was closed off? This is only going to kill off local business and create a ghost town,” he said.

“If you look at where people are dining, they are going to Riley Street in Westfield. This park is only going to reduce the number of car parking spots available, increase traffic flow problems and hurt small business.”

However, Cr John Thain and Cr Bernard Bratusa were in full support of the triangle park.

“I think the concept is completely different to last time. It is down the other end of the street for a start and this could be a great little area to encourage outdoor dining. I am fully in support of it,” Cr Thain said.

“I agree with Cr Thain. This area already has a great ambiance and would be greatly improved by the road’s closure,” Cr Bratusa said.

The Masterplan was adopted, with a trial of the park to be implemented followed by an evaluation prior to its permanency.

Cr Ross Fowler called for a further report to Council on the closure of High Street and the triangle park, after the trial is complete.

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