AVO breach leads to bizarre accident

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A man was taken to Westmead Hospital after a domestic dispute this week saw him run over by a car in a quiet local street.

At about 8am on Wednesday, Police were called to a home in Ceres Street, Penrith with reports of a domestic dispute. 

A 30-year-old Willmot man had attended the home, which was a direct breach of a current enforceable Apprehended Violence Order, in possession of two air rifles and ammunition.

His appearance frightened those who were at home at the time.

“As a result of his attendance the occupants of the house were fearful and left the premises,” said a representative from Penrith Police.

The occupants entered their car and reversed out the driveway.

“As they reversed out of the driveway, the 30 year old male crouched behind the car and was run over, sustaining a broken pelvis,” the representative said.

The man was taken to Westmead Hospital under police guard.


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