Colyton post office hit by robbers

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Police were called to Colyton Post Office this afternoon following reports of an armed robbery.

Police allege that at around 4.20pm today, a man entered the local store armed with what they believe to be a knife.

Police were using CCTV footage from a neighboring store as part of their investigations.

Joe Nader, owner of neighbouring store, Colyton Friendly Grocer, said that this is not the first time the post office has been targeted.

“The post office has been robbed. I have been here six years and have never had a problem. Only the post office, this is not the first time,” he said.

“Maybe it is easy to rob, I don’t know.”

He said that although he is not frightened, there will be many living in the area who are.

Police are continuing with their investigations, anyone with information is urged to call St Marys LAC or Crimestoppers.

Police on the scene of today’s robbery
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