Council encourages microchipping

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Nothing breaks a heart like losing a lifelong pet or a new puppy; for many people, a pet is a member of the family.

Penrith City Council boasts one of the highest re-homing rates for lost pets in the state, which means that you could be reunited with your best friend sooner than expected.

86 per cent of all pets from our area that are impounded at the Hawkesbury Animal Shelter are returned to their owners, sold to new owners or rescued by organisations.

“We want to highlight the success that we have had with re-homing pets. Council is working very hard to get pets back to their owners and 86 per cent is a pretty good rate. We are one of the best in NSW,” said Penrith City Mayor, Mark Davies.

The rate is high but Councillor Davies says that it could be higher and urges locals to help Council out by getting your pets microchipped.

“We certainly encorage all people to definately get their animals microchipped. We just want to make sure that if they are lost, we can get them back to their owners,” Cr Davies said.

Penrith City Council offers a free microchipping event every six months for local pet owners.

For more information, contact Animal Services on 4732 7543.

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