Tips for your Valentine's outfit

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I have been with my boyfriend for a little over three years so the usual stress over a Valentine’s Day date has not managed to find me this year – thank goodness!

In saying this, I still thought that it was important that I look my best considering that Ryan had booked gold class tickets to a movie, of my choice (very rare, I know), and had made the effort to ensure that it would be a night that we could both enjoy.

So in the lead-up to the big day tomorrow, I asked a number of friends for their opinions but they couldn’t give me any advice as they were in completely different circumstances to me.

One was going on a blind date, another was going to her new boyfriend’s place for a home cooked meal and another was going on a first date.

None of us could come up with a conclusion on the perfect outfit for a date but we came up with a list of ‘what not to wear’ because an outfit that is a disaster could potentially the night.

The most important thing to remember when dressing for a date, particularly if it is a first date, is to avoid wearing something provocative and make sure that all underwear is covered – this goes for the men as well.

If it is a first date, it is important to make a good impression not a sleazy one and if it is a date with a long term partner, save it for a time when you are home alone – will they really enjoy themselves if they are noticing every other person in the restaurant staring?

Don’t wear something uncomfortable (think toe crushing stilettos), especially if you don’t know where you will be heading for the big date. It might be a long walk to the car so wear something that you feel good in – chances are you will look better when not wincing in pain.

The ladies should stay away from excessive makeup; your date will want to see who you are.

And on that note, it is also really important not to wear something that isn’t ‘you’. A date is a chance for you to show who you really are and if you are wearing something that is not your normal style, what will you wear on the second date?

Katherine Tweed writes ‘Fashion Fixation’ in The Western Weekender print edition every Friday.


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