Workers want bigger slice

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Despite a financially tough time of year, workers at the Sargent’s Pies factory in Colyton took a stand on Monday, after being refused a wage increase by Australia’s leading pie manufacturer.

Over 100 workers at the factory ceased work on Monday in the hopes that their actions would lead to an increase in their wages.

The workers, many of which are earning little over $16 an hour, were rallying for a 99 cent increase per hour.    

Spokesman for the National Union of Workers, NSW Branch, Mark Ptolemy said that workers feel as though they are treated by slaves and feel as though Sargent’s Pies owner, multi-millionaire Ian Allen, is to blame.

“Frankly, Ian Allen should show his appreciation to the loyal employees, whose hard work has built his business, by paying them a decent wage,” said Mr Ptolemy.

“If not for the workers at the Colyton site, Mr Allen wouldn’t enjoy his harbour views and a lavish lifestyle.”

The workers have vowed to fight for the wage increase despite the personal hardship that they may face in the lead up to Christmas.

“With Christmas around the corner we call upon Sargent’s Pies to show some goodwill to their loyal workers and their families; pay a decent hourly rate and lessen their week-to-week struggle,” said Mr Ptolemy.

“Sargent’s Pies workers are simply asking for their fair share.”

Sargent’s Pies was contacted by the Weekender however did not wish to comment on the matter.

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