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Western Sydney has always been known as the state’s hub for sport. It’s home to some of the biggest sporting franchises Australia has to offer and it’s the playground to thousands of men, women and children playing sport.

One thing western Sydney and in particular Penrith has been missing after all these years is a leading medical facility where athletes and even the general public can go for various treatments all in the one place.

The recently opened Western Sydney Sports Medicine Centre (WSSMC) in York Road, Penrith, was established with the vision of providing the people of western Sydney with their very own innovative, purpose built facility embracing multiple medical disciplines in one accessible location.

WSSMC uses the latest technology to assess, diagnose and treat athletes and patients of all sporting levels.

The team at WSSMC is comprised of practitioners and staff who practice in the region and understand the sporting pedigree and passion of the western Sydney community.

“There’s nothing like this in the Penrith area and it’s something that we’ve needed for a long time,” podiatrist, Chris Scanlon said.

“Sport in western Sydney has become so big of late with the AFL, NRL and A-League, and historically if anyone wanted in-depth sport medical attention then they would have to travel to Homebush, which is the closest place that sort of replicates something similar to this facility.”

Fellow podiatrist, Trent Baker, described the WSSMC as a “one stop shop” due to its vast range of practitioners and services working and operating out of the one facility.

“Penrith has all these amazing practitioners but if they’re in their own practices they can’t really work as well together because they don’t know what each other is doing,” he said.

“Being in one place, having one database and being in one centralised area means everyone is on the same page and people can get better faster.”

The WSSMC provides services in podiatry, Solestar orthotics, Global Profiling, chiropractic, massage therapy, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, shockwave therapy and sports dietitian. They also have strong links with leading sports doctors and surgeons.

Mr Baker said patients would benefit in having multiple medical services under the one roof.

“Patient outcomes are a whole lot better because of Global Profiling,” he said

“Global Profiling is an assessment where there is more than one practitioner looking at the patient globally, meaning there won’t just be a podiatrist there watching you but also a physio or chiropractor too.”

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