Abbott's wife joins campaign

Tony Abbott
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Margie Abbott, the wife of current Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, delivered her first public address to a crowded Lakeside restaurant today, to launch her campaign: ‘Tony gets women’.

Mrs Abbott has stepped into the media spotlight this week after 24 silent years by her husband’s side, to quash “the idea that somehow tony doesn’t get women and that he is somehow immune to the influences of the women in his life”.

Speaking in front of the likes of silver Olympic medallist, Jessica Fox, Chairman of the Penrith Business Alliance, Paul Brennan, local MPs and her own family including Mr Abbott, their daughter Frances and Mr Abbott’s sister and mother, Mrs Abbott laid down the ‘truth’ about the Abbott family.

“I don’t pretend that public life is easy for my family,” she said.

“I say to the people who claim that Tony Abbott doesn’t ‘get’ women: You get this – Tony Abbott is surrounded by strong women – in fact not only strong but capable women.

“Do you want to know how God turns a man into a feminist? He gives him three daughters… And he has three daughters who are young women living the life that feminists aspire for every young woman.”

Margie Abbott speaking in Penrith today

Mrs Abbott said that in part it has been easier to “leave the politics to the politician in the family” but signalled that with an election only a year away, her family’s level of involvement may be set to change.

“The last election was different, the girls had grown up and they wanted to support their father… it was a real family effort and we want to do it again this time.”

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