Our young hardware king

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Most young boys grow up wanting to be an astronaut, a footy player or a fireman but not nine-year-old student, Jimmy Borg. He wants to be a helpful salesperson at Bunnings.

Dressed in his Bunnings uniform and apron, the enthusiastic Glenmore Park Primary School student gave his fellow Year Four classmates a tour of his possible future workplace on Tuesday, showing them through each department and pointing out what he loves most about the store.

“I’ve been here (Bunnings Penrith) lots of times and I come here often to buy my stuff, so I have to know where everything is,” Jimmy said.

“It was a whole heap of fun showing my friends around the store today.”

But Jimmy’s passion for Bunnings doesn’t end there. Not only has he visited 24 different Bunnings stores in his young life but he also recently made a replica model of his favourite local hardware chain.

“I’ve been making cardboard models of shops since I was in Kindergarten,” Jimmy said.

“My teacher knew I loved Bunnings so much that she asked me to make a model out of MDF (wood) of this exact store, so I decided to make one.

“It took me at least a whole weekend to put all the wood pieces together and one whole day to paint it.”

With the help of his dad, Jimmy put the detailed model together with ease. Only one element of the design stood in his way – trying to get the right match of paint of the store’s signature colour green to use on the exterior of his model.

“We had a dark green and a light green but we needed to have the proper colour, so it took us at least 20 minutes to half an hour to get the exact colour,” young Jimmy said.

Jimmy hopes to one day don the red shirt, apron and tool belt for real as an actual employee of Bunnings.

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