Stink over smell

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St Clair, Erskine Park and St Marys residents are still being affected by an odour and Council wants the matter be resolved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as soon as possible.

Penrith Mayor Greg Davies said a recent residents meeting called by the EPA was well attended despite the short notice.

“We are encouraged that the EPA is more closely engaging residents to better understand their concerns over this issue,” Councillor Davies said.

“While the onus is on the EPA to solve this it has got to the point where the EPA, local waste operators, Council and the community all need to work together to get on top of it.”

The EPA have identified a number of landfill and recycling operators as the potential source.

“Offensive odours like this have serious impacts on a person’s wellbeing and lifestyle, especially their enjoyment of outdoor activities and this can’t go on,” Councillor Davies said.

“It doesn’t matter who is at fault, or who is responsible: let’s just get it fixed.

“Residents have been, and can continue to play their part. I urge residents to contact the EPA directly on the Environment Hotline 131 555 to report odours.”

Details that are particularly useful include:

· dates, times and duration of the offensive odour;
· a description of the nature of the odour and
· the weather and wind direction at the time.

Council can also provide residents with an odour diary to help collect information.

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