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From today, hundreds of thousands of self-funded retirees will start receiving household assistance to help with cost of living pressures.

Self-funded retirees who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and receive the Seniors Supplement will receive a payment of $250 for singles or $190 for each member of an eligible couple.

These payments will be paid directly into the bank accounts of eligible self-funded retirees.

This is the same assistance as pensioners have received in the last few weeks.

Lindsay MP, David Bradbury, said these extra payments will help ensure eligible self-funded retirees are able to make ends meet.

“This assistance will put a bit of extra cash in the pockets of eligible self-funded retirees to help ease cost of living pressures,” he said.

“In addition, eligible self-funded retirees will also receive their quarterly Seniors Supplement from today, which will help with regular bills such as power, rates, phone and car registration.

“So far the Federal Labor Government has delivered around $1.4 billion in household assistance to help millions of families, pensioners, veterans and students to make ends meet.

“We are determined to make sure all Australians can share in the benefits of the mining boom, not just a fortunate few.”

From June next year the Federal Labor Government will provide ongoing household assistance to help self-funded retirees make ends meet – an extra $338 for singles and $510 extra for couples combined.

Last month a number of eligible self-funded retirees received a letter from Centrelink reminding them to update their bank account details to ensure they receive their new payment.

Mr Bradbury encouraged any eligible self-funded retirees who have not updated their details to call Centrelink on 132 300. These people will receive their household assistance once they’ve provided their bank account information.

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