Get fit in Glenmore Park

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Penrith residents will soon be able to get active and fit with new outdoor fitness zones and trails being installed in Glenmore Park over the next few months.

Penrith Mayor Greg Davies said outdoor recreation and fitness is gaining in popularity and Council has met this need with equipment for people to use.

“Council will build a fitness trail and activity zone around Glenmore Loch and in Rotary Park as well as an activity zone at the Glenmore Park Child and Family Precinct,” Councillor Davies said.

“There will be a range of equipment for adults and children of all levels of fitness and ability. It’s ideal, whether you want to start a healthy and active lifestyle, maintain and improve your existing fitness or are seeking an alternative to exercising indoors.

“The equipment enables workouts to help you improve flexibility, endurance and strength. There will be stretch stations for body twists and aerobics, exercise bikes, a hand bike, senior and mini cross trainers, senior and junior recumbent bikes, elliptical trainer, chest press and pulldowns, pull ups, leg raises and body dip and push ups, leg press and sit ups.

“The equipment for both sites complements each other and provide for a mix of training to help ensure users can meet their particular exercise needs.

“All equipment will have easy-to-read ‘how to use’ signage as well as technological links to fitness websites and apps for further information.

“This new personal fitness equipment is a new addition to the City that will help us to be a healthy and fit community.

“A fit and healthy lifestyle has many individual and community benefits, including a higher chance of a longer life, often higher self esteem and less cost to the community with less medical and hospital use.”

Funding for the equipment has come from Glenmore Park s94 stage one developer levies.

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