Day Four

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Today we woke to a blowy cold upper mountains morning.

The wet weather yesterday placed a chill in our spines as we wondered what the day would hold. This walk is one of the biggest of the week.

From Mt Victoria to Lawson is about 36km and if Mother Nature is not on your side it can be a grinding day. As we set off there were a few sore heads trying to recover from our celebrations in making it to the top of The Mountain last night.

A few of the walkers were pretty quiet as the kilometers wound by. Rob and I drifted to the front as we discussed the events of the walk.

It’s been such a great week, with plenty of funny memories and moments filled with pain and laughter. Once we got off road the scenes were spectacular as we looked out over the Megalong Valley below.

The wind was up and the clouds were thick and dark, and I think everyone was waiting for the heavens to open. There were a few groups today, a couple out front and a few at the back, but everyone took on this tough day the best way they knew how. We explored new tracks, some good, some not so good but we regrouped at Leura for lunch.

I explored a new track with Rob today that got us off the highway, which is always a bonus. As we decided it was a winner we decided to call the boys behind us to make sure they found it.

As I walked along looking for a number to call depending on Rob to watch out for me, I felt my right foot enter an ankle deep puddle and soak through. Rob was laughing saying I should be watching where I was walking, however he knew who should have been watching… Anyway it dried out quick and I recovered.

The track turned out to be a mud run so it was a good thing the boys didn’t get onto it. Man of the match today goes to both Tony Bowden and Graham O’Kell for consistently grinding away and even though they lack the leg length advantage of most of the team, they always end up in the group.

Today was a cold, tough day and they took it on with passion. Well played fells. We are staying at the Grandview Hotel at Wentworth Falls tonight, the wibes are joining us for a lovely dinner and hopefully some dancing if the music gets going.

This is always a great night as it’s the last one on the road and we feel like we are close to home. We want to thank everyone who has come out to support us so far and look forward to getting into the Lapstone Hotel tomorrow arvo at around 4pm, so feel free to trun up and have a drink with us.

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