Violent night in local area

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Police from St Marys Local Area Command have charged a woman after a fight in a street at Colyton.

Police were called to Carpenter Street, Colyton, shortly before midnight last night responding to reports an argument involving a neighbours had deteriorated into a brawl.

Officers called for assistance after they arrived to find a crowd fighting in the street.

A pregnant woman was taken to Nepean Hospital after allegedly being knocked down and further assaulted while on the ground.

A 43-year-old man, who came to the pregnant woman’s aid, was allegedly struck on his temple with a beer bottle. He was also taken to Nepean Hospital where he received stitches for a head injury. He remains in hospital under observation.

Another man, aged 23, suffered a cut lip and facial bruising after he, too, was struck with a beer bottle. He was treated at the scene.

Officers used OC spray after members of the crowd turned on police.

Four people were taken into custody including a 20-year-old woman, two men alleged to have assaulted police, and a third man who was intoxicated.

The woman has been charged by detectives from St Marys with:

•           Recklessly cause grievous bodily harm;

•           Assault occasioning actual bodily harm; and,

•           Common assault.

She will face Parramatta Bail Court this morning.

Crime scene examined the scene overnight and seized several items for forensic examination.

Meanwhile, a man is in hospital with head injuries after being assaulted outside a hotel in St Marys.

Police from St Marys Local Area Command were called to the hotel in Forester Road, St Marys, about 3am today, responding to reports of a fight.

When they arrived the incident had ended, however, a man was found with head injuries. He was taken to Nepean Hospital where he is said to be in a stable condition.

The man, aged 44 from Penrith, told police he tried to stop a fight in the car park but was assaulted then hit his head when he was knocked to the ground

Police are waiting to speak with a number of people but are appealing to anyone with information about the incident to contact St Marys Police Station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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